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1/29/08 02:37 pm - arwen1977 - BETTER LATE THAN NEVER



12/21/07 06:43 pm - pretty_and_red - OMG Indeed

May I be crowned Queen of Slash? Searching for Mark related things in that wonderful place called Youtube, I came across this video. Look at Markie's hand and what it is doing, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised.

12/10/07 08:54 pm - arwen1977 - Merry Christmas!!

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Thanks a lot to suede

11/27/07 12:54 pm - earlydreams - Take That Icons

*Take That 'Beautiful World Tour' Icons [38]


ALL HERE at rule_my_world 

11/25/07 06:05 pm - pretty_and_red - A million love songs

We love slash? YES! We love Mark? YES! We love Take That? YES!

This is a picture post containing slashy pictures of Mark and boys, namely the other Take That members plus Robbie. Duh! slashy means boy on boy action, sort of.

Relight my fireCollapse )

11/24/07 08:02 pm - suede - What do you think of Mark's doppelganger?

Tim Driesen is playing Mark Owen on the Never Forget musical that will open at the Savoy Theatre in London's West End on the 21st of May 2008, I think they played it before at Manchester Opera House. Here is the complete cast of the band. Hilarious, isn't it? Some of them look really scary. I definitely would have chosen another actors. Anyway it has to be really funny to see.

11/18/07 09:04 pm - arwen1977 - Fave pics

One of my favorite pics on Mark and Robbie, has always been this one

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Go on, and post your Mark's fave pics!

11/16/07 10:05 pm - arwen1977 - New question!

What was on Mark's and Gary's minds?

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11/11/07 01:53 pm - arwen1977 - Just a question.....

I'd like to ask something about this picture.....

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Is Mark wearing a pair of socks inside his pants?

11/10/07 12:47 pm - arwen1977 - MARK-MSP-NMTB


Yesterday I went to a Manic Street Preachers concert, and when they played Australia, I just remebered about Mark's lyrics on this song

It would be great if the Manics adjust those Mark's lyrics to their song! It wouldn't be much Manics but it'd be very... interesting ¿?
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